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About SpeedyCupcake

If you came here for a blog about cupcakes– sorry, this isn’t the place.  My parents called me Cupcake when I was little, and occasionally still do.

No, this blog will hopefully be about my evolution into a ‘runner’ and other exercise/health related topics. And beyond that, I’m hoping to make some new running buddies in DC’s vibrant running community.

Hence, my blog title!

SpeedyCupcake, in the flesh (aka Emily)

You see, I used to run half-heartedly in college and for a couple of years afterwards.  But I never really got into running- I wanted to, but ultimately it was only a means of keeping in shape.  I never really challenged myself or improved at all- just the same three mile trek.

I gave up running in 2007 when I started law school part time.  It was too much to work full time, attend class at night and get enough sleep.  I figured I’d never go back to it, because I never really enjoyed running.

Then, at the beginning of last year, I started using the gym in my office building regularly.  For whatever reason, it clicked and I started looking forward to exercising- I really stuck with it.  At first it just consisted of using all the different machines at the gym except the treadmill.  But one day, I decided to try a jog.  And I knew it- I was going to start running again!

Over the summer of 2011, I had the unpleasant task of working and trying to study for the VA bar exam at the same time.  I had to ramp down my exercising a bit, but I didn’t want to lose all the progress I made in getting into shape. So I kept up an abbreviated running regime most mornings, getting up scary early to do a quick 2.5 miles before heading into the office for a long day ahead.  I’m convinced I wouldn’t have been able to pass the bar without running-it helped my concentration tremendously, and regulated my sleeping patterns, which was KEY to staying (somewhat) sane.

Contemplating what to do without law school in my life...

Once the bar was done, I realized that I needed a new goal.  After 4.5 years of school and work- I had all this free time on my hands! And I knew that I wanted that goal to be running- I wanted to be a runner like so many people I see all around me here in Northern Virginia. I started training for and successfully ran in the inaugural Hot Chocolate 15K at National Harbor- an unfortunate choice for my first longer distance race, but still enjoyable enough to make me want to continue racing and improving my running performances.

So here I am, just sharing my new found love of running, and my strategies to achieve my ultimate goal- to hopefully be a lifetime runner.  I hope you join me, and that you enjoy my blog!

(PS: Cupcakes may make an appearance or two.  Especially chocolate peanut butter ones.)


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