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The Wayward Blogger Returns

I’m back! I’m not sure that anyone noticed, since my blogging dropped precipitously over the last month, but I am back from my long-awaited spring break.  It was a fabulous trip- for me, a trip of a lifetime because I’ve pinned about taking it since my first job out of college.  I already mentioned previously that our trip encompassed the major Southwestern National Parks- we flew in and out of Las Vegas, rented a car and drove to Zion, Bryce Canyon, Moab- where we went whitewater rafting and visited Dead Horse Point State Park and Arches National Park- and the Grand Canyon.  It was spectacular, I really can’t describe these areas unless you see them in person.  To sum up my gushing (for now), it was everything I hoped for and more.

Me at the Wall of Mirrors at Bryce Canyon (photo courtesy: my husband)

While this isn’t technically a travel blog, I am going to do a series of posts about my trip over the next few days.   I can justify it as qualifying for a fitness blog because this was a very active trip- we did some serious hiking every day we weren’t driving, and even those days we usually managed a small hike.  So please indulge me the pleasure of doing some recaps and picture sharing- my husband took hundreds, it would be a shame not to display some of them!

That’ll start tomorrow.  Today was just part of my reacquainting myself with my fitness regime.  Among the many other wonderful lessons from my trip, I felt a renewed motivation to really tackle my work-outs again.  I was feeling a bit in a funk just before I left, for a variety of reasons- post half marathon let down, incredibly busy work and social schedule, and some upcoming big changes that I’ll talk about at a later date just had me not as motivated- I was still working out, but not with the sense of purpose I had before. 

This trip, with so many challenging hikes and other physical adventures (hello, class 3 and 4 rapids!), really inspired me to maintain my fitness.  I looked around and saw so many others who could only look at what nature offered.  They didn’t have the stamina or ability to venture beyond the shuttle buses or trimly paved paths.  While this sounds judgmental, it’s not- I have no doubt that these people still enjoyed their surroundings tremendously, how could they not? And I think that it was great they were venturing out into nature in any capacity.  But I felt truly blessed that I was able to really experience what the parks had to offer, see sights that you can’t see from the nicely maintained viewpoints, and have a great endorphin rush from pushing my body in ways I don’t on a regular basis.  I don’t want to not be able to do these things EVER.  Hopefully this will serve as a life long motivator to maintain a decent level of fitness.

It also re-ignited my desire to amp up my workouts and seriously think about my next races.  We got back into town late Saturday, and both Sunday and Monday mornings I did a nice 3 mile loop.  As much as I want to ramp up, I hadn’t run in basically 2.5 weeks, never mind two days in a row- I hadn’t done that since long before the Rock ‘n’ Roll half! I know better than to just jump into things, so three miles is a good starting place.  And in spite of all my hiking, my hamstrings are a little sore right now as I type- it’s amazing how quickly you can lose the strength! Don’t even get me started on my toning- my abs are in the greatest disarray since I started working out regularly last year.  Time to plank. 

I’m not discouraged.  I know it’ll take a couple of weeks but I’ll be back on my game and looking to take my running and other work outs to the next level.  Really challenging myself out west reminded me of how important it is to keep your workouts tough, to keep setting goals and to keep it interesting.  And that’s what I’m planning to do. I’ll get into specifics at a later date, once I make some final decisions.

Happy Monday, everyone.


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