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Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Expo

It’s here!

I went to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Expo at RFK Stadium today on my lunch break.  Work wasn’t quite as hectic as I anticipated, so I thought it would be best to go today instead of tomorrow in case things do out of control and I’m unable to get away from the office.  I also figured that not many people would be there in the few hours and it wouldn’t be crowded.

I was wrong- it wasn’t mobbed or anything, but it was definitely hopping when I arrived.  Since this was my first expo, I took some pictures- apologies if this is boring for all you seasoned racers!

The entrance.

The boards where you race number was posted.

This is where you picked up your race bib and packet, according to corral.  I am apparently in the third to last one, Corral 25.  I guess the 10 minute mile pace I estimated is too slow for most people! Oh well- gotta remind myself this is just my first, I have plenty of chances to move up.  Next year: Corral 24 or bust!

This is where I got into trouble.  Against my better judgment, I browsed the goods, and there were a lot.  Part of it was because I was hungry and hoping for some free samples, I scored a sample of some ‘healthy’ mac ‘n’ cheese. Mmmm.

Good thing it was payday! I didn’t drop a ton of cash.  But I didn’t plan on spending anything either.  Some of it was actually good and justifiable:

I needed to stock up on Espresso Gu before Saturday, and I needed a new iPod armband because I lost the strap to my current one.  I’m pretty sure it’ll turn up after the race, but in the meantime I thought it was better to have it.  I have been doing most of my long runs sans music, but after the tough 12 miler I’m considering bringing mine for some extra pump-up music to push me along if I need it.  So this actually saved me a trip to a sporting goods store.

And then there were these…

They were half off, and I’m a sucker for that with my running clothes.  I love knowing that I basically bought two for the price of one.  The reddish one I’m especially pleased with because I own the same one in blue and really like it.  It will be nice to have another in the rotation.

Looks like I’m set logistically for the Rock ‘n’ Roll half! I’m really happy that I won’t be rushing around to do these things tomorrow.  I can just focus on getting my game ON…



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  1. Is your pink shirt a Brooks top? It looks like a Brooks one that I have and I. love. that. shirt! Good luck on Saturday – I’ll be running the half, too!

    • Yup, it’s the Brooks shirt- I have WAY too much Brooks apparel, but this really is a great one- perfect for cool weather and it keeps me cool if it warms up towards the end of the run. So I couldn’t resist it at half off! Good luck tomorrow! I’m excited!


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