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The Final Week!

I haven’t been a great blogger of late.  To be honest I had a bit of a writer’s block, and then I did get an idea but became too busy to write it down.  I’m going to try to remedy that this week.

Today was only my second run since last Sunday’s 12 miles- not that this was planned, but Friday afternoon’s run didn’t happen because stuff kept coming up at work.  I did an easy-ish 5.8 miles- the mileage is obviously easy, but the route is actually pretty hilly.  My glutes and top of my hamstrings kept seizing up a bit at different points.  But I figured it’ll be good practice for the HALF MARATHON next week (!) – it’s a pretty hilly route I’ll be cruising (or stumbling through, whatever).

It was a gorgeous day- like much of the nation, Northern Virginia had a really warm day with beautiful sun.  Nice way to kick off daylight savings!  It felt amazing to be outside and enjoying the good weather, even if my run wasn’t ‘perfect’- aside from the tightness, I got pretty tired towards the end.  But I got back to the apartment and realized that I did the run in about 50 minutes, maybe a bit more- so that’d explain it, that’s speedy for me! Otherwise it felt really good, and I think my body appreciated a weekend short run.

My left knee is a little sore now, mostly just from sitting though.  It’s totally fine while walking.  I’m pretty familiar with this ache by now, I’ve been battling it off and on since the fall, and in fact took a brief break from training about a month ago to minimize it.  It’s not an IT band, just irritation I think.  Plus I wasn’t wearing my compression gear.  While it was only about 6 miles I still try to wear those when I’m running for about an hour, it seems to help.

It’s my last few days before the Rock ‘n’ Roll half, and I’m getting pretty excited! I’ve mentioned before that this has been a long-time dream to complete a half, and I’m looking forward to accomplishing it.  I’ve worked hard since the New Year to get here, and I think I’m ready.  Training hasn’t gone exactly as I would have liked- it was very good in the beginning, but the last month I’ve experienced unexpected issues that made it a little harder to keep pushing through. But I’ve made it!

It looks like the weather is going to be really warm for this time of year- the morning lows will be in the 50’s and supposed to get up into the 70’s! I’ve been training mostly in the 40’s, my ideal weather, and while this certainly isn’t hot, it may present a challenge.  I think I’ll plan to stop at more water stations in addition to bringing my usual water.

I’m also getting excited for a sweet finish, because my husband brought home today the perfect treat for me to DEVOUR when I’m done:

Berger Cookies!

These delectable treats are available at the Italian Store, for those of you in the NoVa area.


I do plan to obviously take it easy with the workouts this week.  I’m planning to go to some extra yoga classes.  I also hope to foam roll most days and try to get the glutes nice and loose.  They’ll be tight at the end of the race, I’m planning on that, but it would be nice for most of the race to be smooth. I’m a terrible planner- I KNOW that you can’t plan for everything…but I can’t help trying! Anyway, here’s what I have planned this week for what I think get my body relaxed and rested for MY FIRST HALF:

Sunday: 5.8 miles, stretch, foam roll
Monday: Morning Yoga or stretch on own, lower body strengthening in the afternoon, foam roll
Tuesday: Spinning in the morning, core and upper body strengthening in the afternoon, foam roll
Wednesday: Easy three mile run unless my knee is still cranky, possibly lower body strengthening in the afternoon, foam roll
Thursday: Morning Power Hour Yoga, core and upper body strengthening in the afternoon, foam roll
Friday: Easy afternoon 2 miles to loosen up for the race, also afternoon yoga, and prepare mentally, foam roll

Have a great week everyone, enjoy the beautiful weather!


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  1. You are definitely all set for the race this weekend! I can’t believe these temps, definitely warmer than I would like, but I guess I’ll just wear less clothes! Any interest in trying to meet up before the race? (assuming my knee cooperates this week and I’ll be running)

    • I’d love to meet up if you’re able to come! I’ll probably be in a slower corral than you but we can work something out. I’ll scope the site out tomorrow at the expo (or Friday if things don’t go as planned) and make some suggestions for where. Take care of your knee, I have my fingers crossed for you, you’ve worked really hard!

  2. Awesome plan and I am so excited for you! Good luck, I cannot wait to read all about it :).

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