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A Pleasant Surprise

I woke up tired this morning.  I hadn’t slept well the last two nights.  Not for any reason in particular, I’m just a light sleeper and very sensitive to changes in my sleep patterns, so among other things the three day weekend threw me a bit.  Combine that with the insanely early spin class yesterday, and my body just wasn’t on top of its game.

So, I put on my running clothes, telling myself that 1) You need to get this run in if you want to be ready for your half that you’re starting to ruminate on far too much, 2) You’ll feel more awake all day than if you skip it, and 3) just do four miles instead of five.  I was expecting a lackluster run but would be satisfied knowing that I got in the miles, and that’s always worth it.

I decided to bust out the iPod for the first time in a while, figuring I could use some extra help to push me through.  It was warmer than anticipated when I took the dogs out, so I quickly changed into my lighter baseball hat and pull-over instead of my jacket and fleece beenie. 

(Side note: while I am enjoying a mild winter, it’s making it REALLY difficult to lay out a running outfit the night before. I’ve wasted so much time in the morning coming back in the apartment and changing into different clothes because the weather is never as warm or cold as I think it will be. It defeats the purpose of pre-planning! And as much as the sticky summer running weather here is not my favorite, at least my clothing decisions are minimal. Ok, rant over.)

I was off.  To my great pleasure, the run was pretty great! It felt almost effortless.  Nothing felt stiff, nothing felt sore, and I immediately felt energized.  My iPod seemed to read my mind (for once) and played all my embarrasing Top 40 and club songs that really set the pace. (And somewhere, my husband is cringing at the mention of my running list content. What can I say- Taio Cruz and the Killers CAN co-exsist in the same space.)

I came back with a much better outlook for my day, not fearful that I would be out of it and non-productive at work (I could have been a bit more productive, but that’s beside the point).  I even went through with the planned lower body strength training that I was considering skipping when I initially woke, which also went really well, I ended up adding in extra reps of some exercises. 

Running to the rescue, once again!

It does look like I will be switching up my schedule a bit in the days ahead, however.  I’m not sure if my Friday Mall run will work out if it’s as stormy as Capitol Weather Gang is predicting.  But that’s ok- that’s a non-essential run, I do it because I find my long runs are of better quality when I do a few easy miles the day before, but it’s not super necessary.  I am also considering switching up my long run to Sunday because Saturday may have pretty nasty winds.  I know some people run no matter what weather, and I definitely would if I had no choice.  But if I have the flexibility, I might as well go when I’ll enjoy it.  Hope everyone else also had a great work out today. 

Fitness for the Mind: ” In a marvelous public relations stunt, Roosevelt wrote a letter to another president: he wrote a letter to whoever would be president in 1956, recommending that the 18-month-old son of downed pilot/hero Captain Colin P. Kelly Jr. for appointment to West Point, 15 years hence.” (I think that’s seriously cool.)

– December 1941: 31 Days that Changed America and Saved the World

By: Craig Shirley


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  1. I had to smile at the embarrassing iPod tracks:) If my husband knew what was on my ‘running’ playlist he might seek a separation 😀 They do get me through my treadmill runs though and are definitely a guilty pleasure 😉


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