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Counting Down

The Rock ‘n’ Roll half is getting really close! Less than a month now! I am starting to get a little nervous, especially after my less than stellar 10K this weekend.  Plus I’m a bit unsure about the portion of the course where we’re suppose to run from Dupont Circle up to Woodley Park- that’s a big hill! At least it’s in the beginning of the run, but still.  Luckily I’ve had to do some hills during long runs, usually when I run from my apartment, through Old Town and down the Mount Vernon trail.  The last two miles or so are all uphill.

I think what I have to work to get through my head is that it doesn’t matter what my time is, or if I have to walk some or even a substantial part of the run.  The point is that I’m going to finish. I know I will, there’s no doubt about that.  I’ve wanted to do a half marathon since college, but during law school when I was not running at all I figured that was a pipe dream.  Now I’m so close to achieving it, and I love when I can ‘check’ something off the life to-do list. That’s my goal, and that is what needs to be my focus.  All other aspirations are future bucket list items that can wait.

So now it’s time to zero in on the end game.  My knee is better and I’m taking better care of myself to make sure that it stays that way until the race.  I’m cross training more and integrating spinning back into my routine.  It’s tough getting up at 5:15 am for a 6 am class, but I felt so great after last week’s class. Also planning on lots of consistent yoga, stretching and FOAM ROLLING!

I’m also not going to worry about speedwork for the remainder of my training, and just focus on getting miles in.  I know not to overdo it mileage wise, but I also know it’s better to get the stamina than worry about pace.  Once the race is done and I’m back from Spring Break, I might start focusing on trying to improve my speed.  Besides, I need my first race time to have a baseline to build upon, right?

With that said, here’s the plan for the third to last week of training (gulp):

Today: Three mile run, three sets of plank, side plank and push-ups
Tuesday: Spin class, legs and core strength training
Wednesday: four or five mile morning run, core and upper body strength training in afternoon
Thursday: either yoga or self-stretch at home; lower body strength training in afternoon
Friday: Power Hour Yoga in the morning; three mile afternoon run around Mall
Saturday: Long run- goal is 11 miles!
Sunday: Rest, maybe yoga

Hope everyone had a great long weekend, have a great short week!

Fitness for the Mind: ” At some of those restaurants and at others across the country, they were in the process of changing their menus and ‘rechristening Italian spaghetti’ as ‘Liberty Noodles.'” (S0 freedom fries weren’t a 9-11 original.)

-December 1941: Thirty One Days that Change America and Saved the World

By: Craig Shirley


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  1. I think you’re going to do great at RnR! And you have a great attitude about your first half. You’re doing something big by running a half marathon! Enjoy it and do your best for the day – it may be different that training runs (and different may be way better!) but as long as you have fun it’s all worth it 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I know I’m just getting way into my head and need to focus on the big picture. I think blogging about that hleps to reinforce that fact. Good luck on your race in two weeks!

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