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Another day, another Random 11 Things list.  I’m sure you’ve all seen them by now.  The basic rules are: Post the rules, list 11 random facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions from the person who tagged you, come up with your own questions, and tag some other people.  I do like this idea, but I fear it’s starting to be over-exposed.  So I’m going to do the first two- list some randomness about me, and then answer the questions posed to me by Kristen at the Fit Chick Dairies, a really entertaining blog with a beautiful story about how she met her husband (check out her 11 Random Things!).  But I’m frankly too brain dead from work to come up with my own questions, and I don’t have the extensive social network yet to tag many people who haven’t already been tagged (some people have already been tagged twice).  So here we go- tomorrow, back to my workout musings, which is getting back on track!

Who Am I, in 11 things or less….

1) I don’t like oatmeal.  This feels like a sacrilegious statement in the healthy living world, but I’ve tried all sorts of different recipes and types of oats, and I just can’t warm up to it.  Can I still be a fitness blogger?

2) When I was really young, like 4 years old, I wanted to be a nurse.  Then, around age 10, I developed a love of politics and the news (I know, what a weird kid, but I followed the ’94 election really closely!), so I decided I wanted to be the next Katie Couric.  I IDOLIZED her! My senior year of high school, some unfortunate events left me disenchanted with the news, so I decided instead to dedicate my life to social causes.  I’m now an environmental and energy policy wonk with a law degree, which I think I’m much more suited for. (I’ve regained my love of journalism though.  You know, since I married a journalist.)

3) I go through roughly one peanut butter jar every week.  I think I’m partially made of peanut butter.

4) From the first time I came to DC- I was still in GRADE SCHOOL- I knew I wanted to live here when I grew up.  Told you I was a weird kid.

5) My favorite president is Harry Truman.  This fact is prompted by the #underratepresidents survey by the Washington Post today. If you are an American history buff, you must read David McCullough’s biography on ‘Give ’em hell’ Harry.

6) I think I’m the only woman of my generation who did not like, and was frankly baffled by, Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo and Juliet.” I also thought the soundtrack was weird, except for the Cardigans.  But that has more to do with favorite memories with my best friend than the song itself.

7) I gave tours of the Boston Statehouse in high school.

8) I grew up in the oldest house in my town- one room dates back to 1737.

9) My two sisters and I all had the same middle name.  Until I got married, and made my maiden name my middle name.

10) Strollers look like miserable devices to me.  They were the reason for a long time that I didn’t want kids (there were others, but this was the driving force. I’m not trying to be funny, I’m serious.).  I’d see someone pushing a Mini-Cooper sized stroller up to the zoo from Woodley Park, and think, UGH. That’s torture.  My husband has promised he’ll take care of the stroller.  So now I’m on board with kids…someday, but not yet….

11) My dad has a lot of pet phrases he uses over and over again, he’s pretty predictable.  My favorite is when he used to call in the morning and say at the end of the conversation of whatever ’emergency’ necessitated the call, ‘You go and have the best day you ever had in your life.” I’ve been thinking about that saying a lot lately for some reason.  I’m trying to make it a daily mantra for myself.

Not quite twenty questions….

1. Do you prefer to listen to music, or no music, while running or working out? I’ve become a recent convert to not listening to music while I run.  Unless I’m on the treadmill, then it’s a MUST.

2. Where do you find the most support in your life? My husband, my parents, my sisters, my best friend and myself.

3. Would you rather read the book, or watch the movie? Depends what the book and the movie are.  I enjoy both!

4. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be and what would you be doing? At my parents’ cottage on Prince Edward Island with my husband and dogs, reading and hanging out on the deck or porch while the dogs play in the yard. Even Jack will play at PEI!

5. What is your favorite meal to prepare? My vegetarian tortilla soup.

6. How many states and/or countries have you visited in your lifetime? I’m pretty lucky- I’ve been to about 30 states, and seven countries (if Canada counts).

7. Ever travel a great distance for a race? Nope, just got into racing this year.  The longest distance was probably my 5K in college in Hartford, which is about 1.5 hours from my hometown.

8. Favorite flavor of ice cream? Mexican Chocolate from the Dairy Godmother.

9. If your life was a title of a song, what would it be called? All the Small Things.

10. What is your greatest temptation (food or otherwise) that might cause you to be less healthy? Reese’s candies and Goldfish- the former because, well, they’re just bad for you.  The latter aren’t terrible in moderation, but I can’t do moderation! I can polish off one of those huge two pound boxes in a week if not restrained…

11. What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you? I have a feeling that this question is more about something I was afraid to do and managed to overcome.  But the first thought that sprung to mind was a memory of one of the first times I was in DC. I was around 8, I think.  We were at the Van Ness metro because that’s where my mom’s best friend lived.  This guy came up to me and started to reach out to me.  I was convinced that I was about to be kidnapped, even though my parents were probably just a few feet away.  The guy reached passed me and got a transit ticket (remember those?).  Hey, I was from a small town and my mom was a little over-protective, and I had an active imagination!

If you’ve managed to read this whole thing, I’m impressed! And while I’m not tagging anyone, I’d still love to learn some random things about you…


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  1. This was awesome reading your answers! You are too cool. The fact that your parents have a cabin on Prince Edward Island made me a tad bit jealous! I used to watch Anne of Green Gables habitually, and that was my dream place to visit.I think I secretly wanted to be Anne! I love that you grew up in such a historic house, and actually have a favorite president. Oh and your dislike of oatmeal definitely isn’t a deal breaker for fitness blogging! I hated it for years… 😉 Thanks for playing along! I didn’t realize this had been done so much already, but I enjoyed learning more about you!

    • I’m so glad you tagged me, because even if these lists now seem to be everywhere, I love then. It’s so nice to learn more about these people I read about regularly! PEI is a very special place. Most people do associate it with Anne of Green Gables! It really is every bit as beautiful as it is in the movie, those weren’t just camera tricks. If you enjoy sitting on quiet, calm beaches reading and don’t need a night life, then PEI would be an ideal vacation for you. It’s also a small treasure trove of wonderful eating and pottery! Ah, I could go on and on! But if you ever decide to give it a shot, I’d be more than happy to provide tips.

  2. I love what a quirky kid you were. 🙂

    I hate oatmeal too. It feels like a punishment to have to eat it for a meal!


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