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Yin Yoga

I’ve been taken it easy the last few days.  Hence the lack of posts- nothing really to report. I mentioned in my last post that my left knee had been acting up- I had overdone it with the 10 miler and then a fast 5 miler a few days later, with less than stellar stretching and foam rolling.  I know exactly what I did wrong- and I had been doing so good!

So I basically took the weekend off, deciding it was wiser to save my knee and not cause too my harm before the Rock ‘n’ Roll half. Instead I focused on remedying my bad-ish behavior, and on Saturday afternoon went to Yin Yoga.  And it was awesome.

If you haven’t heard of Yin Yoga- I hadn’t either.  I had seen this class in Pure Prana’s schedule and been intrigued because it was advertised as the perfect complement to running, among other aerobic activities.  But since I usually do my long runs on Saturdays, I don’t usually have the time to devote an additional hour and a half to yoga.  That’s really not fair to my husband.

Basically, you spend the entire time on your mat- no standing.  You only do four or five poses, but you hold them for a long time- about five minutes each.  For example, we did a hip opener, several full leg stretches, and two back bends- cobra and dolphin (I think that’s one). The theory is that by hold the poses for that length of time, and not engaging in dynamic movement, you’re stretching your connective tissue, which is good for your joints.  There was more to it, but that was all I can remember.

Yup, we held plow position for five minutes!

I love yoga, but I don’t necessarily buy into a lot of the philosophy behind it.  I’m just a little too cynical.  I like yoga because I love stretching, and because I can feel how good it is for my body.  The rest of it doesn’t mean much to me- whenever the instructor asks for a dedication for our practice, mine’s just to stretch out.  I know- deep.

But I’m a bit of a believer in this.  First, I was convinced that class would be boring once the instructor explains how it works.  But low and behold, the class flew by.  I was shocked.

More importantly- my knee pain went away! We didn’t even do any knee-specific stretches, but I haven’t felt it since then.  That’s crazy in my book. I didn’t come close to breaking a sweat, yet I still feel like I gained something significant for my health.

I don’t think I’ll be able to attend this class regularly because of the time, but I’ll definitely try to fit it in after my half marathon at some point. I think it’ll help speed recovery right along


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  1. Watch out, you might get addicted to it 😉

  2. I totally relate to your feelings towards yoga. I like that I’m stretching and doing my body some good, but the minute chanting and incense and airy-fairy waffle starts up, I’m outta there!


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