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Running: My Top Ten

Just to warn you, the next two posts will be of the list variety, for several reasons. (See? Lists already.) 

1) #RunChat is doing a neat ’10 reasons you love to run’ as a Valentine’s Day theme and give-away thing.  I just like the idea, regardless of free stuff. 

2) I was tagged to do one of those 11 Random Things lists.  I’ll tackle that tomorrow.

3) What a week.  My brain is fried.  Let me put it this way- this time yesterday I was about to fly back from a day trip to Cleveland to meet with a client, that began with a 4 am wake up call to get a 6:30 am flight.  That’s pushing it even for this morning person.  It was an awesome trip though- the client is doing really exciting things in the lighting fixtures and light bulb space that will greatly improve energy efficiency.  Even reading that it seems like an odd thing to be excited about but the stuff was just so cool!

Anyway, my brain can only handle simple posts right now.  Plus, my left knee has been acting up after Wednesday’s run, which tells me I did too much since last weekend’s long run and not enough stretching and foam rolling.  I’m trying to remedy that by doing more of the latter two and forcing myself to rest these last two days (well, yesterday I had no choice).  I’m also going to take tomorrow off (maybe yoga) and then try things again on Sunday.  My knee is feeling better already, I’m just trying to give it the important rest that it needs, as this very wise blogger points out. So, if I can’t run, writing about it is ALMOST as good as the real thing…

10) Noticing things about my surroundings that I miss when I just drive by.

9) How rosy my cheeks get and stay for a few hours.

8) How calm I feel afterwards.

7) My concentration is way better.

6)  Feeling the satisfaction of setting a goal to achieve every time I plan a run.

5) My breakfast tastes better.

4) It gives me an excuse to be outside.

3) I feel so awake after years of persistently feeling tired.

2) It helped me pass the bar in one sitting.

1) There’s nothing like the endorphin rush of a perfect run.


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  1. I’m glad you mentioned the awake thing! I have found that even cutting my mileage = can’t sleep! I need to wear myself out before bedtime just like a little kid. 🙂

  2. I love all these 10 things I love about running lists 🙂


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