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Going the Extra Mile

First, some changes to the blog! You may have noticed that my homepage is finally looking a tad more sophisticated (I said a tad…).  I finally figured out how to dress things up a bit, which I think improves the overall look- at least makes it a bit more personal.

I’m also going to try out a new (hopefully) daily feature, Fitness for the Mind, tied into my goal of reading more in February (which is off to a terrible start, but it’s been a busy weekend).  I am going to regularly include a tidbit from what I read that day and share it with you.  As of now I envision it primarily featuring something from whatever book I am reading, most likely an American history fact since that’s what I primarily read (hope you like learning about our presidents!), but we’ll see where it goes.

I see several purposes for this feature.  One, it will keep me accountable for actually reading more often.  Two, it will make me pay attention more to what I’m reading (sometimes I just blankly skim and then realize I don’t know what happened five pages ago. I do enjoy reading, I swear!).  Third, I hope it will help promote mental fitness, which I think the health community unintentionally subordinates to physical fitness.  Obviously, all the physical stuff we do to stay health has enormous benefits for our mental facilities.  But there is a lot of research out there about keeping your mind sharp by engaging in stimulating activities.  These are usually referring to cross-word puzzles, but I think just learning more has got to help.  So, by regularly touting what I’m reading each day, I think I can help round out that concept of living a well-rounded healthful life- mind, body and soul.

Lastly, I really hope it’s something you all enjoy and find yourself learning a little something each day too.  Please feel free to to leave me some advice as to what you find helpful, what you find interesting, and what could be improved.  Or if I should do away with this feature all together.

Ok- on to the title of the post, which is a literal description of my Saturday long run.  I had mapped out on gmap-pedometer what I thought would be an out-and-back 9 mile run– along the Mount Vernon trail, running from the Daingerfield Island parking lot and turning around just before the Memorial Bridge.

As I was passing National Airport, my knees started to ache.  My right Achilles was also starting to feel sore.  Cardiovascularly, I felt great, but my legs were starting to get cranky! Once I got to the 12 mile mark, which is at Daingerfield, I walked around the parking lot a few minutes, and the pain subsided.  When I got in the car, I saw I had been gone almost one hour, 50 minutes, which seemed CRAZY! I may have started purposely slow, and most people passed me on the trail per usual, but I definitely felt like I was cruising at a good pace!

When I remapped the route later, going over exactly where I did go, it turns out I ran about 9.9 miles- so basically, 10.  Well, that explains the cranky legs, weird time, and that I was starving and had to hit up Dunkin’ on the way home.  Oops!

Today, my legs feel great! In fact, they feel the best they’ve felt since I started training.  I took some time to stretch a lot, and wore my compression tights around for a couple of hours afterwards, so I think that helped.  Strangely, I didn’t foam role because we had a bunch of errands to run, and I feel so good. No pain at all!

I say all this now, but we’ll see how I feel after tomorrow morning’s run.  I’m going to pay extra attention to my body, especially my legs, this week to see if that extra mileage is doing any damage.  I’ll adjust my workouts accordingly with how my body feels.  If it feels ok, I’ll do 11 miles next Saturday, or I’ll scale back if need be.  The following weekend is a 10K, so that would be a step-back anyway.  If I need to do two weeks scaled back, so be it.

Tentative Work-Out Schedule:

Monday: Morning 3 mile run

Tuesday: Morning Power Hour Yoga; afternoon strength training

Wednesday: Morning 4 or 5 mile run

Thursday: Afternoon strength training

Friday: Morning Power Hour Yoga; afternoon 3 mile easy run

Saturday: Long run, possibly 11 miles

Sunday: Rest


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  1. Another interesting post, I do find your blog enjoyably informative


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