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Rain Delay

I try to plan my weekly running schedule according to the weather.  While I have the days I prefer to run on, I make adjustments if the forecast is predicting inclement weather in the morning.  I know, there are many runners who subscribe to the idea of running in almost any weather because you may have to deal with that on race day.  I do agree with this- except at 5:30 in the morning.  Exercise is an excellent way to start my day right.  But it’s already hard enough this time of year waking up and running in pitch black– coming back an hour later soaked through is just a deal breaker.

So imagine my dismay to learn, after getting all my running gear laid out the night before and changing into said gear, that it was raining when my husband and I took the dogs out before I left for my run, as is our routine.  What?! Capitol Weather Gang did not alert me to this when I checked the weather last night (looking back, they did, but I still consider a ‘shower chance’ not sufficient)!  I started fretting about how I would get in this run that I was really psyched for…

… when I realized this was actually the perfect excuse to get out and enjoy the freakish spring we are enjoying here in D.C.  Today was my busiest day of the week (naturally), but I managed to find some time to squeeze in a late morning run around 11:45.  I just needed to make sure I had time to shower and let my hair dry before a 2:00 pm Hill meeting (I don’t do hair dryers 95% of the time).

Even though today’s temperatures soared into the mid-60’s, after last Friday’s debacle with similarly weird and warm weather, I wasn’t taking any chances.  I brought capris, a T-Shirt and a long sleeve just in case.

The outfit I settled on- good compromise. Also- hello! This is my first picture of myself!

Today’s Mall sojourn was a vast improvement over Fridays.  Comfortable temperatures, nice breeze that cooled you but wasn’t overwhelming, and plenty of fellow runners out to provide more motivation.  I did a nice four mile loop down to the Lincoln and back- it wasn’t the five miles I had initially planned, but considering my running plans were almost foiled this morning, I think I came out on top.

Only complaint? My bad timing with all those crosswalks!


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  1. Yea! Your first picture of yourself! I give you major kudos for getting up to run at 5:30am. I am definitely not a morning runner and truly admire people who are.


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