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Eight Mile

Am I the only one to think of Eminem when eight miles is on deck for  your weekly long run? The theme from that movie is actually the only Eminem song I have on my running mix, and had I taken my iPod with me for my run I probably would have listened to it and possibly pondered the irony of it all.

Yesterday’s run was glorious- I LOVE really great long runs.  The weather was in the high 30’s at the beginning of my run and in the low 40’s by the last of the eighth mile, which for me is perfect running weather.  The sky was crisp, clear and full of sunshine. Pure bliss.

I’m realizing, now that I’m becoming a little more experienced at training for races and therefore experiencing different distances as my long runs progress, that my body doesn’t particularly enjoy seven milers.  I don’t hate them or anything, but the run does always feel a little less pleasant than the eight mile run.  Last week’s long run was good too, but this week was just that much better.  Upon reflection, I remember when I was training for the Hot Chocolate race I felt the same way.  I wonder, as I continue training for future races, if this is going to be a pattern for me.

Based on other runner’s experiences I have come across, it appears that everyone has favorite distances where their bodies excel and lesser favorites that their bodies just don’t click with.  Maybe seven miles is one of my lesser favorites- I haven’t run more than nine, so we’ll have to see as I progress. Anyone else have favorite/ not favorite distances?

With another half marathon training week in the books, I’m feeling really good.  However, my running log shows a significant mile bump this week over last week.  Now part of that is because I did my seven mile long run last Sunday, and then the eight miler the following Saturday, so there wasn’t a full week in between.  Both long runs are registering in this week, the way my log is set up.  That being said, I’ve also been upping my pace on most of my shorter runs.  Too many additional miles plus faster speeds often leads to injury, especially for a newish runner like myself.

So, I’m going to dial it back a bit this week- at the very least, keep my pace slow, and in the three-four mile range- maybe five miles on Wednesday, depending on how I feel.  Thus, my planned work-out schedule for the week (plus my Plank-A-Day, of course):

Monday: Morning three miles

Tuesday: Morning Power Hour Yoga, afternoon strength training

Wednesday: Morning four miles (possibly five)

Thursday: Stretching on my own  or take my big dog for a walk in the morning; afternoon strength training

The big guy, Eamon- who can resist that face?

Friday: Morning Power Hour Yoga; easy three miles Mall run in the afternoon

Saturday: Nine mile long run (yikes!)

Sunday: rest

One last note- happy birthday to my littlest sistah! Hope it was a nice one!


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  1. I’m so happy you’re enjoying yourself… Eamon has a nose to love!

  2. I always think of Eminem when I am running 8 miles….I usually throw in a Eminem tune for good measure.


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