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Workout Interrupted

Looks like I spoke too soon about getting back to normal this week.

We moved into our new office digs today, and the gym is very nice- pretty large, bright and a huge TV with a DVD player to use.  Not bad for a free gym.

Unfortunately, I can’t get into it yet.  I tried today and the card wasn’t working.  We won’t be able to get in until we sign a waiver form, and then it’ll likely still be 24 hours at least until our cards are activated.  So it looks like I won’t be able to get back to my current strength training routine tomorrow, and maybe not Wednesday either.

When it does open, a colleague of mine got this on a DVD set, and wants me to try it with her on the snazzy TV:



I’m not sure about this! I’m dedicated to working out and pushing my boundaries, but I’ve never subscribed to the idea of pushing yourself to the point of death, which this almost looks like.  I know these things are all the rage, and I was saying just yesterday that I need to spice up my routine occasionally, so I’ll try it at least once.  Maybe I’ll be a convert! Doubtful, but if it will encourage my colleague to start exercising regularly (as discussed in one of my favorite fitness blogs today), then I can suffer through a few of these.

Otherwise, my week got off to a nice start with 6 am Power Hour Yoga.  It’s a Pilates/yoga fusion class with two instructors that alternate mornings, with one focusing more on the Pilates and the other more on the yoga.  It’s a great way to mix up your mornings.  Today the schedule indicated that it would be the Pilates instructor, but instead it was the yoga one.  That worked out to my benefit because I needed the deep stretching of yoga more after yesterday’s seven miles.  So my legs are feeling pretty good, no soreness.  I need to remember to go to yoga more regularly the day after my long runs, it reaps enormous benefits.

5:30 AM four miler on tap for tomorrow- better get to bed soon to be fully rested and raring to go.


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