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The Meh Run

Sometimes, your run just isn’t great.  It’s not terrible, but you just don’t feel total elation either, or just that satisfaction that running brings.

I had one of those runs this morning.  I was planning to do a slow, easy 3.6 miles down by Braddock Station, down Mount Vernon to Monroe and over to Russell.  I did exactly that, but there were plenty of times when I felt like I just wanted to stop. Upon reflection, there are five reasons why this was:

First off, I woke up feeling tired.  I’m not sure why- I slept well if a bit fitfully last night.  But the tired feeling lasted all day, so I guess I didn’t sleep as well as I had thought.  So I was sleepy while running- it certainly woke me a bit but I couldn’t shake the slight zombie feeling.

Second, I went to bed last night expecting cold temperatures and a brisk breeze.  It turned out to be much warmer than anticipated (at least in the morning; not so by the afternoon), so I overdressed and was a little uncomfortable the entire run.

Third, there was a very strong breeze during certain stretches, especially running down Mount Vernon.  That made an already slow pace feel more difficult than it normally would.

Fourth, I was STARVING the whole time! Normally I’m not hungry first thing in the morning, or if I am, it fades once I start working out.  But a rumbling tummy upon waking has become the norm for me these last couple of weeks, so I need to start reminding myself to at least eat half a banana if I’m hungry, even if I’m just going a couple of miles.

Lastly, my hips, glutes and shoulders were a little sore from strength training yesterday.  Had I been more on my game, I don’t think I would have noticed it all that much.

That’s the way it goes sometimes.  Everyone has blah runs and disastrous runs in addition to all the great runs that make us love the sport.  The idea is not to let these get you down too much.  Even though I spent most of the run wishing I could get home, I did have a couple moments of the euphoria that make it worth it.  Usually a great song would come on my iPod and I would temporarily become pumped before the blahs set back in.  Also, I’m always convinced that even if I remain tired the rest of the day, I would be  worse off if I hadn’t exercised in the morning.

That, and the fact that I still logged 3.6 miles before most people’s alarms sounded.  That provides satisfaction in itself.


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  1. Uggh, I hate the “meh” run. I’ve been logging these non stop since the holidays. Someone smarter than me said to create a list of the 10 things you love about running and would miss if you couldn’t run anymore. I did it and totally helped.

    • I hate that too, especially when you get into a rut. That’s a great suggestion about the list- I think at the top of it would be the elated and accomplished feeling you feel after finishing a run!


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