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Major Perk to Working in DC

The greater DC area has no shortage of great running trails– maybe not to the extent of some places out west, but it’s still pretty impressive.  I’m looking forward to exploring more of them in the coming months.

But none are as unique as running on the Mall.  It is a truly iconic place, and a beautiful place to exercise.  I’ve run on the mall several times since I’ve been living in the area, and I still get a little awe-struck seeing all the fantastic sights (the MLK memorial is an excellent addition).  And really, aren’t we DC worker-bees so lucky that this can be many of our mid-day work-outs?  From the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial is about 2 miles, so it’s also an easily measurable run mile-wise.

I currently work a few blocks north of 14th street, where the Washington Memorial is.  Lately, on Friday afternoons when work is slow, I’ve been running down to the Mall, then down to the Lincoln Memorial and back to my office.  I like this better than running towards the Capitol- I’ve found it to be a little more scenic and less crowded– probably because lots of Hill staffers stick to the Capitol area and all the tourists frequenting the museums down on that end.  In all it’s about 4 miles, although I usually stop running at the bottom of Pennsylvania Ave to cool down, which is about 3.6 miles.  A good mid-day jaunt, I think.  Today was a little tough because the wind gusts were brutally strong and cold, but it was still pleasant.

My office is moving to a new building next week.  We’re only moving three blocks, so I’ll still be the same distance from the Mall, just closer to the Capitol.  So I may not be making it down to the Lincoln as much, but I’ll still have a nice mid-day running route to enjoy.


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