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First ‘Long’ Run in Half Marathon Training

Today I ran 5 miles as my first long run as I prepare for the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA  Half Marathon in March.  I know it’s not really a long run in comparison to many people, but I dialed back my running after the Hot Chocolate 15K, so I didn’t think diving right back into high mileage would be in my best interest.  Start off slow and steady to hopefully ensure that I can make through training without injury.

What a great run! First of all, the weather was beautiful- the Washington Post said that temperatures topped out at 68 degrees! That’s actually a little warm for my taste, I prefer running in the cold.  But I’m certainly not complaining.

I also think that my 3.4 mile run along the Mall yesterday helped.  I’ve been doing a lot more yoga with a Pilates slant, and focusing on glute and hip strength this week.  As a result, my hips felt really tight and sore all week from all this extra activity.  Yesterday, I definitely felt it, I was tight the entire run.  But I think that helped loosen me up for today.  I’ve discovered that instead of having a rest day before my long runs, it’s better to do an easy couple of miles.  Otherwise I feel a bit stiff and just don’t have a quality run.

After my run, stretching, hip exercises and a bowl of cereal, I took ‘my boys’ for a 2.8 mile walk.  I’m a ‘single parent’ through Wednesday as my husband is traveling with work, so I’m trying to wear them out to make them easier to handle.  They’re actually not hyper dogs at all, but I think they’re acting out a little without their dad.  One is passed out next to me on the couch, and the other on their bed, so I think it worked! Plus, I got to cover some serious miles!

My big guy, Eamon, who is sleeping soundly next to me at the moment after his exercise.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and enjoys this spring-like weather.


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  1. I love this post, I love running with my dog! I also agree with shorter mileage as you start up again after a race. Always good to be smart!

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  3. Running with a dog is the best! I love bringing mine out with me, and she’s a breed that was built for longer distances. The longest I’ve taken her was 6 miles. When we got back home, she was still running around the yard like it was nothing! Good luck with your training! I’m just starting mine as well 🙂

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