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Making the Treadmill Fun…

Or at least, making the time go quickly while on the treadmill.

ImageI think part of the reason running never caught my interest in the past is that I spent a lot of time on the treadmill.  Not really knowing what I was doing, I would just run at the same speed for the entire time.  And I NEVER increased my speed- meaning I never challenged myself. 

What ultimately happened was unless I found a way to cover up the timing mechanism, I always gave up before the allotted thirty minutes- and usually WAAAAY before the time was up.  As soon as I caught sight of how much time had elapsed, my attention would snap and I had to get off. I couldn’t watch TV because I would time myself based on commercial breaks.  Music didn’t help either-  I knew that 4 songs in was usually 12-15 minutes elapsed.

I know! I’m impossible! But clearly, I hated the treadmill.

Well, that changed last winter.  Those of you in the DC area may recall that last winter was BITTERLY cold, seemingly from November through March! I certainly wasn’t going to start running outdoors at that point.  I’m sure wouldn’t be writing this blog if I had.  But after my initial treadmill jog, I knew that I would have to do something different if I was to consistently jog.  And so I discovered intervals. 

Don’t get me wrong, I MUCH prefer to run outside.  But I no longer dread having to use the treadmill.  In fact, sometimes I prefer it, especially for doing speedwork like intervals.  I’m still learning about pacing myself, and I don’t have a proper timing watch yet.  I find it easier to do intervals on the treadmill because I can’t slow down until I make the belt slower.  The time flies by, and I really enjoy feeling like I challenged myself. 

That’s the key to maintaining a work-out regime, I think- keep challenging yourself.  At least it is for me. 

Today was my first interval work-out of 2012.  I’m integrating one speedwork into my schedule weekly as I train for my first half marathon in March (woohoo!).  I did my fall back work-out- a ten minute warm up at 5 mph, then three one-minute intervals at 7 mph followed by one minute recoveries of 5 mph.  Then I did two minutes at 7 mph, two minutes at 6 mph, two more at 7 mph, and three at 6 mph.  I wrapped up the session at 7 mph before my cool down.  (I think I missed a couple of sets, but I’m sure you won’t hold it against me!).  I didn’t feel totally spent when I was done, which probably means that I need to go faster, but since it was my first intervals in a while and my legs were sore from a tough strength training yesterday.  So I don’t want to push it too much and hurt myself at the start of my training. 

But it still felt great. 



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  1. Wow great workout I may have to copy that as my usual speed on the treadmill for jogs is 5 and when Im pushing myself 7.5/8! I will subscribe to you and so glad to have found you on dailymile!


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